Ep #16: Hawaiian Wisdom for Health, Wealth and Happiness

Ep #16: Hawaiian Wisdom for Health, Wealth and Happiness

Show notes

In this episode, Nisarga Eryk Dobosz hosts Hawaiian shaman Serge Kahili King. He's an internationally renowned speaker and the leader of a worldwide network of teachers, counselors, and therapists who follow his work. The author of many works on Huna and Hawaiian shamanism, including "Urban Shaman" and "Instant Healing". He has condensed and simplified shamanic wisdom in a way that allows anyone to quickly learn and apply a wide variety of useful shamanic skills. As an author, Dr. King has published the world's largest selection of books and digital media on Huna, the Polynesian philosophy and practice of effective living, and on the spirit of Aloha, the attitude of love and peace for which the Hawaiian Islands are so famous. He also writes extensively on Hawaiian culture.

Topics discussed:

  1. How did you begin the Huna path and shamanic training?
  2. What means Huna?
  3. What are the 7 Principles of Life Through The Hawaiian Huna?
  4. What is Hawaiian understanding of health and happiness ?
  5. What are the ways to stay healthy ?

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Nisarga Eryk Dobosz

Nisarga Eryk Dobosz

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